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24 Mar

Words for Wellbeing: A reflective blog on the workshop series by Alix Legond

From the 16th January (reportedly the gloomiest day of the year), we ran a short course, ‘Blue Monday: Words for Wellbeing’, with workshop leader Sam Gray. It ran for 6 weeks, every Monday, utilising the therapeutic aspects of the writing craft to work through the last dark months of winter as a collective. One of the attendees, Alix Legond, has written her reflections on the workshops.

I never pictured myself as a writer. I thought I couldn’t be creative, work on my stories and words. We spend several years at school or university where others tell us what, how and why we have to write. What does it mean to be a writer? Who is a writer, who is not? Those questions didn’t matter for the 6-week sequence of workshops provided by Sam.  

Words are part of everyone’s life. We use them to love, connect, share and sometimes hurt ourselves or others. Words are present and vivid in our brains and hearts. Words are conditioned by who we are, what we do with our lives, our fears, joys and achievements. Is it then possible to pause for a second and think about the words themselves? Is it possible to connect with ourselves using words, poems, paintings or elements coming from nature? Yes, it is.

The workshop ‘Words for Wellbeing’ has this positive energy and ability to connect participants with themselves, to connect people together. We used a range of poems, literature, journaling and group discussion to explore growth, wellbeing, and nurture creativity. We worked on various themes such as love, death, nature, responsibilities, freedom, society, human beings, depression and loneliness. The writing techniques are powerful and easy to use at home.

This workshop promotes the idea of writing for yourself and explores your feelings – some we might not be aware of – to promote growth and self-exploration. The role we play in society doesn’t really matter. ‘Words for Wellbeing’ invites us to explore who we are; to use words to navigate this experience called life and share our feelings with others.

Sam is an amazing facilitator. She is welcoming, trustworthy and supports participants in their journey. I felt a strong connection with other participants. We created together a space for self-understanding, confidence and respect. We explored a world of words, sensations and feelings.  We connected with our past and present. We travelled together and experienced deep sensations through words and writing.

Everyone is just encouraged to be and this worth a thousand words.

Many thanks to Alix for sharing her experiences. Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received for the workshop series and tutor, Sam Gray, we will be running this course as a regular feature in our annual events programme. More details will be available soon.

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