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16 Apr

“The World Outside” Submission Project for NWS Members

While we can’t be in the studio at the moment, we’ve decided we want to come out of this uncertain period with something positive to show for it!

With our schedules being unexpectedly clear for the time being, we thought this would be a great time to get people writing for a virtual project and add another publishing credit to their resumes!

We’re asking for submissions on the theme of “the world outside” – what you miss, what self-isolation is like, what you want to do as soon as you get back out there, or simply what comes to mind using the words as your prompt. 

Your submission can take form as poetry, flash fiction, opinion piece, memoir – whatever style you fancy. The only rule is we’re asking for no more than 500 words per entry so as many of our members can be printed as possible – think page, paragraph, or poem.¬†Submissions will then be collated into a zine and printed when we reopen. (We may even throw together a little launch party to celebrate coming out of isolation!)

Every person featured in the zine will get a free copy, plus their name will be entered for the chance to win one of the brand new NWS tote bags we’ll be having made! Looking forward to reading what you come up with!

Deadline: Wednesday 29th April.

Free to enter, but we’re kindly asking members for a small donation with every submission. Please send your entry to

Happy writing!

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