Tag: Poetry

20 Jun

Writing Poetry in the Digital Age

About Harness the power of the digital world to create new and exciting poems at Writing poetry in the digital age with Sophie-Louise Hyde. This workshop will focus on a range...

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04 Jun

Finding Inspiration in Nature

About Brought to you by poet, creative writing tutor and founder of Wordsmith_HQ, Dr Sophie-Louise Hyde, this workshop will examine the different ways that nature can inspire us and our...

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25 May

Rhyme & Rebellion

About Poetry is a profoundly political act because it involves speaking the truth, holding a mirror up to reality and putting things into perspective. This course will help writers...

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21 May

Performing Your Poems and Stories

About Performing our work to an audience, can be anxiety-inducing, even for the seasoned performers amongst us but what if there were ways to perform better, clearer, and bolder...

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04 May

How to Get Your Poetry Published

About As part of the Nottingham Poetry Festival, publisher Teika Bellamy will help writers demystify the process of poetry publishing and share insider information so that writers can create...

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