Why should you join Nottingham Writers’ Studio?

Have you spent hours, days, weeks, even months curled up with your characters, colouring in their world and their personalities?

Have you spent so much time with them that your partner has forgotten what you look like and you haven’t brushed your hair in days because you’ve got far better things to do with your time?

Do you spend every moment – waking and sleeping – with your characters? That’s great. That’s fun.

Until you hit the midway slump.

You get halfway through your project and you just can’t brain anymore.

Where do you take your story next?

What do you do to your characters next?

What’s the driving force behind your story?

Once you hit that midway slump and don’t know how to get out of it, you start to wonder if it’s really the project for you.

You get distracted by a shinier, newer project.

That holds your attention for a while…

…then you hit the midway slump again.

How do you break the cycle?

How do you finish your long list of works-in-progress to achieve your dreams of seeing your writing in print?

You don’t have to write alone

We’re a group of writers of all ages, abilities, and skillsets.

Between us, we write fiction, poetry, scripts, blog posts, journalism, copy, and just about any other type of writing you can think of.

And that’s why we’re the perfect community to help you.

At Nottingham Writers’ Studio, you can connect with accountability buddies to keep you motivated.

You can join critique groups to get feedback on your writing.

You can meet fellow writers who will inspire you.

Whatever it is you want to get out of your writing, we’re here to help.

Meet teachers, mentors, friends

Our members have built critique groups for all types of writing from YA novels to LGTBQ+ writing, and we’re always looking to create new critique groups and introduce new members to ongoing ones.

We regularly hold urban writing retreats in our Nottingham city centre-based building, where you can take part in tutored workshops and brainstorm your ideas with our chairperson, Sarah Hindmarsh. As a private tutor and writer of 1001 Writing Prompts for Generating Ideas, she’s the perfect person to inspire your creativity.

We also hold all sorts of events and courses around writing, from how to get your work published, to how to get started on your next great project.

Whatever stage of your writing career you’re at, we’ve got a course for you.

Membership includes

  • Access to free socials to meet more awesome people like you
  • Meet an accountability buddy to get you out of your midway slump
  • Critique groups
  • Mentorship schemes
  • Discounts on courses
  • Discounts on writing magazines, Society of Authors membership, and more
  • Members-only Facebook group
  • Advice on discovering the best publishing path for you
  • Monthly newsletter with the latest writing opportunities
  • Members-only section of the website (coming soon)
  • 24/7 access to our building
  • And so much more

Become a member today

Just select whichever membership subscription suits you best, complete the online form and we’ll send you a welcome email inviting you to your induction. Simple!