12 Mar

Meet the Members: Tony Hillary

Welcome to our new monthly feature… Meet the Members!

Every month, we will be interviewing one of you, our fabulous NWS members, about your writing practice and reading habits. We can’t wait to get to know you better!

We are looking for volunteers to be interviewed for upcoming newsletters! You don’t have to be an established writer to be featured – so if you’d like to volunteer, please reply to this email expressing your interest. You’d be doing us a favour!

This month, we interviewed Tony Hillary!

Tony has been a member of NWS for over a year now and is a regular at our socials. He always helps set the tone with fantastic, lighthearted and amusing poems and stories that also often address larger issues that affect (or can affect) all people, like wealth, poverty and the class divide.

Over to Tony…

NWS: How often do you write?

Tony: It varies – there’s no fixed pattern. Some poems can be spontaneous, prompted by how you feel at a particular time. Short stories take more thought, particularly the endings. Some are kickstarted by prompts, so are less spontaneous. 

NWS: If you think of yourself as new to writing, was there a trigger for you to get started?

Tony: Yes. I struggle with long novels with complex plots and an overload of characters. I concluded that if I couldn’t do a better job than some of the works I’d been reading… then just give up! So, I write short stories that I would enjoy reading if written by somebody else. Likewise free verse. Keep it simple, give it meaning, nothing wrong with emotion if used well, avoid vague esoteric descriptions that only the writer understands, get to the point, make it mean something. 

NWS: Have you ever read your work in public and how did it go?

Tony: Yes, fine, except one piece of free verse that was too clever for its own good and nobody understood the point… lesson learnt! I prefer to read my free verse out loud as I can put in feeling and get the timing right… and get feedback!

NWS: What do you think about writing groups and how have you experienced them?

Tony: They’re brilliant and challenging, great places to learn and improve, full of surprises and such easy to get on with, interesting people. NWS is great because of the standard of work produced and the amazing talent you meet. It’s been a real learning experience.

NWS: What are you reading at the moment?

Tony: I’m reading The Life Giver by Jase Puddicombe, who is one of our members and also in our critique group. The Life Giver is fantasy fiction and it’s so good, ticks all the boxes, great descriptions, amazing imagination, to be read slowly and relished. Loving it! 

NWS: Who are or have been important writers for you?

Tony: Ben Elton and George Orwell.

NWS: What is your best benefit from being a part of NWS?

Tony: Being part of a group of such friendly, accepting, talented people, and learning from them.

Thank you so much to Tony for taking the time to answer our questions!

Remember, if you are a member and are willing to be interviewed for our blog, please do send us an email at admin@nottinghamwritersstudio.co.uk.

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