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10 Oct

Meet our Children’s & YA Writing Coach, Emily Suzanne Young

Tell us a bit about yourself… 

My name is Emily Suzanne Young and I am a young adult and children’s publisher with Cuthbert and Young. I work with writers to level up their stories and really draw out characters through meaningful dialogue and narrative voice – plus I love to write alongside them as well! I’m currently working on my own young adult novel – I like to keep my own craft alive as I help others improve theirs.

What are the perks of a coaching package with you? 

I am glued to my phone and therefore ALWAYS see your emails and messages – there’s no query too small when it comes to helping you with your writing. During our monthly video calls, I’ll help you work through your writing at your own pace, pushing you to see the ways you can improve and develop your independence and confidence as a writer. There are two formal critiques, plus access to the Cuthbert and Young resources that I use with my C&YA writers! 

What do you love most about writing? 

I love feeling a connection with my characters; I definitely feel a sense of parental pride when I do them justice and get their emotions across in compelling and real ways. I enjoy finding each character’s unique narrative voice, getting to know them better, and taking them on a life-changing journey. I also really love the planning stages of writing – is that weird? I love getting my story structure just right and filling in all the blanks and plot holes – so satisfying!

What’s been your proudest writing achievement to date? 

Many moons ago during my undergraduate, I wrote a provocative piece for my final project that had a pair of very unusual narrators – in my feedback, I was told it was one of the best undergraduate pieces the English department had ever seen! That was definitely a moment of pride. I still have those chapters tucked and filed away for when I figure out their endings!

What wisdom from your experiences would you like to impart on other writers?

No matter what stage of the journey, if you’re writing then you can call yourself a writer. Sometimes, when it’s been a couple of weeks or even months, it’s easy to get discouraged and demotivated. I think the main attribute of a prolific writer is discipline – setting aside a set amount of time or words each day and chipping away at whatever project you’re working on. There are several famous and successful writers who have admitted to only writing around 300 words every day, but that adds up to significant amounts over time. So let’s get working together!

Find out more about Emily and her coaching package here!

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