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18 Mar


Dear All,

The spread of the Covid-19 virus is moving so quickly, and the Team at NWS have to react daily to any news updates we receive alongside new Government guidelines. We have already cancelled the Monthly Socials and postponed the AGM until its safe for us to meet. 
Sadly today in the interests of safety for all our members’, we have to go further and announce that NWS Studio will be closed from Friday 20th March until further notice for any public event. By Friday, we plan to switch over ALL our current programme of Workshops from next week onwards to an interactive online facility. This will be easily accessible, and requires no additional charge or subscription for those attending.
Our finances remain delicate, and Workshops are our life blood, so we now need to make changes to the way we work and I ask you all to stay with us during this change.
While remote working lacks the face to face social engagement of a session in the Studio, it still leaves everyone attending able to interact and learn while remaining safe in their own homes. We will notify all booked attendees of what they will need to do in order that they can join the Workshop online by Friday late afternoon/early evening at latest.
The NWS Team of Thom, Sophie and myself, alongside our Board and financial backers, have worked tirelessly over the past year to reconcile the difficult financial situation we faced 12 months ago. And we were moving very close to sustainability. We have created a much more attractive environment within the Studio, and I cannot praise and thank them enough. But we now need to do everything we can to avoid slipping back.
As Chair, my immediate task will be to seek out any financial support being offered by the Government to small organisations such as ourselves during the crisis. But you can play a big part too.
We still have fixed costs we have to cover monthly, so we are reaching out to members and subscribers to look at the possibility of either becoming a patron of NWS, or just making a one-off donation to help us continue our work. No matter how small, it will all go towards keeping the Studio alive. Click on the links to find out more and just know how grateful we are for any help received.

 I thank you for your continued support. 

Alan Walker
NWS Chair

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