1. This competition is free to enter and independently funded by the Nottingham Writers’ Studio board.
  2. The competition is open to anyone in the UK and internationally, and is in no way exclusive to Nottingham residents or members of the Nottingham Writers’ Studio only.
  3. Entrants must be over 18.
  4. We ask that all entrees are written in English, though colloquialisms, slang, local dialects, and expressions of heritage are welcome within the context of the story.
  5. Noncash prizes are not exchangeable for the cash value or other goods or services.
  6. If awarded a place in print in the ‘EARTH 2.0’ anthology we ask for 12 months publication exclusivity. After this time period the story may be submitted for publication elsewhere.
  7. Entrants retain copyright and ownership of their stories.
  8. Request to remove work from the publication prior to print will result in forfeit of prize money.
  9. In the unlikely event of it being required, Nottingham Writers’ Studio reserves the right to change the judge once announced.
  10. The judge’s decisions for prize winners and those awarded ‘highly recommended’ will be final – individual feedback for unsuccessful submissions will not be provided.
  11. Winner announcement and publication dates may be subject to delay due to any unforeseen circumstances that impact the Nottingham Writers’ Studio.
  12. We will give as much notice as possible for the anthology launch date. However, Nottingham Writers’ Studio will be unable to pay for the travel or accommodation of authors printed in the anthology. We will ensure for those unable to attend in person that the celebratory event will be remotely accessible via online live link.