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18 Sep

From Helping Fight Crime to Helping Write Crime

When I retired from the Police service in 2012, having served 30 years in London and the East Midlands, I wanted to continue helping people. As a large part of my career had been spent as a Detective, at various ranks, it seemed almost natural to offer my services as a consultant to writers. My knowledge of crime investigation and everything

that goes with it enables me to help writers to ensure that their work is not only procedurally accurate but also authentic.

Having launched GIB Consultancy in 2014 I contacted the Crime Writers’ Association and circulated my details accordingly. Since then I have been working with a number of writers across a real diverse range of topics from standard police procedure, missing persons and Coroner practices to forensic evidence, kidnapping and murder investigation. My first written acknowledgement arrived courtesy of Tammy Cohen as a result of the advice given for her novel DYING FOR CHRISTMAS published in 2014. I have recently been working with CL Taylor (author of THE ACCIDENT and THE LIE) on her third psychological thriller which is due out in 2016.

In addition to the writing advice I also talk with Writing Groups about Murder Investigation and the challenges facing a Senior Detective in charge of such cases. My experience as a DCI enables me to speak with some authority on this subject. I find my new role interesting and very rewarding, not least pretty challenging on occasions!

If you are a writer and want to make sure that your police procedures and actions are correct or just need some questions answered then I would be delighted to hear from you. I have a website at I am based in the East Midlands and keen to help local writers.

Stuart Gibbon, GIB Consultancy

Nottingham Writers’ Studio is launching a four-part experts series in crime writing, featuring talks by ex-police investigators and real life solicitors. The series kicks off on Monday 28th September with Kevin N. Robinson discussing how the police process crime scenes, and Stuart Gibbon’s evening on murder investigations will be on Monday 7th December.

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