What is our fate?

‘Earth 2.0’ is the anthology produced from our second George Floyd Short Story Competition.

The Earth is heating up. Natural disasters loom on every horizon. The spectre of extinction is ever present. Is this the end or is there hope?

Twenty-six diverse authors from around the globe attempted to answer this question in Earth 2.0, the UK’s finest collection of environmental themed short-fiction.

Fiona Ritchie Walker’s ‘The Sweetness of Water’ is both tender and funny as an unlikely couple deal with the oceans drying out in the most British way possible. ‘What’s in a Name?’ by Craig Smith takes us to mid-future Louisiana where two Black men struggle to eke out a living in the last days of capitalism. While Shabnam Ahsan in ‘The Seeker’s Story’ puts us in the far future where only desolate tribes survive and at great cost to their humanity.

But that’s not all, you’ll also find tales of comedic lesbian romance. Brutal horror in the depths of a new ice age. Magical mermaids. Moon-bases carrying the sins of the past. Burning planets and ocean cities. Apocalypses and utopias.

These and many more thought-provoking stories will keep you turning the page long into the night.

All profits from this publication will be donated to WaterAid.

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