Nottingham is not only the place I began writing, it has provided me with something that other cities don’t have – the Writers’ Studio – a dynamic, vibrant community of writers in the heart of the city. Since joining I have found a place where writers thrive and feel at home. Run by writers for writers, NWS offers so many practical ways to help members develop their writing, and it opens up opportunities to make writing pay. It’s a unique organisation where members can write, share information, network and make friends in the process. I love the fact that NWS celebrates and showcases its members’ achievements.

Paula Rawsthorne

I have been writing since I learnt the alphabet, literally. On joining NWS I realised I haven’t just moved to Nottingham, I have found a home.

On joining NWS
Kim Jamison

NWS provides support to local writers that is second to none and is an asset to the community in innumerable ways.

Support to local writers
Jonathan Whiting

…  it’s lovely to celebrate members’ successes with other NWS writers. I definitely benefit from speaking with other writers, as we share tips and knowledge or just escape the hustle and bustle of town in the sanctuary of the studio.

… the sanctuary of the Studio
NWS member

I feel less of an unconfident learner when speaking with other writers even though I am a learner. I realise that all my insecurities are just common ones experienced by many others so I feel less of a gauche alien wondering around confused. I am part of a community that is on my planet.

… less of a gauche alien
NWS member

I have gained so much since joining NWS. Networking opportunities, work recommendations, and the support of like-minded people. I have had work published in the NWS Crime Sampler and given readings at Antenna and Broadway. None of this would have happened were it not for my membership.

… support of like-minded people
NWS member

NWS is a key focal point for literature in the city – its growth over the last few years is testament to the high regard in which the writer community holds the studio. We believe that this is because the studio has consistently contributed to high quality career-related experiences for its members through its projects and networking opportunities.

… a key focal point for literature
Henderson Mullin, Writing East Midlands

In short, we have a good and close relationship with NWS and with many members. This reflects what we believe is the main advantage of the organisation, being a place where writers, publishers and editors can come together. NWS provides one of the main networks that forms the background to the writing community in the area.

… one of the main networks
Ross Bradshaw, Five Leaves Publications

To be in the presence of other writers is motivating and energizing. And it is nice to know, that if you run into any kind of problem or have a question, there will be someone at the studio, who has already been through the same thing and will be able to give you advice and a cup of tea.

… advice and a cup of tea
NWS member

Being a member of NWS has given a big boost to my writing. It enables me to meet many other writers and get support and ideas. It has many groups and activities that are helpful. Through it I have obtained a place on a mentoring scheme which has been inspiring.

… big boost to my writing
NWS member