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07 Jul

Meet the Mentors! Scriptwriting coach Hugh Dichmont

This month for our ‘Meet the Members’ feature, we’re doing something a little different and taking a moment to introduce you to our fantastic scriptwriting coach Hugh Dichmont! Hugh...

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02 Jun

Meet the Members: Frances Thimann

Frances Thimann was brought up in Sherwood, and now lives there permanently again, after many years living in London, and some time working abroad. She has been writing for...

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05 May

Meet the Members: Alan Walker, Chair of the Board

For this latest edition of ‘Meet the Members’ we have the pleasure of introducing you to Alan Walker, the current Chair of the Nottingham Writers’ Studio board. What is...

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25 Mar

Meet the Members: Clare Stevens

Clare Stevens grew up in Somerset but has lived most of her adult life in Nottingham. She has a background in journalism and PR and wrote her first novel,...

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04 Mar

Meet the Members: Nick Sturgeon

Nick Sturgeon wrote his first non-fiction books back in 2003 to 2006 on various themes around property investment and being a landlord. These were traditionally published with Pearson FT...

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04 Feb

Meet the Members: Anne Goodwin

Anne Goodwin works as a full-time author and reviewer after having a successful career as a clinical psychologist. Anne writes novels and short fiction; her debut novel Sugar and...

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07 Jan

Meet the Members: Sara Jane Potter

Sara Jane Potter writes contemporary fiction, was born in Maidenhead and has been living in Nottingham since graduating from College. She has been writing since she was nine and...

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05 Nov

NWS to Close with November Lockdown

It is with a high degree of sadness that I have to announce that in line with Government policy we will be closing the Studio to members with effect...

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20 Jul

Award-winning Author, Yvvette Edwards, to judge George Floyd Short Story Competition

Yvvette Edwards, the author of ‘A Cupboard Full of Coats’ and ‘The Mother,’ is to judge Nottingham Writers’ Studio’s inaugural ‘Black Lives: The George Floyd Short Story Competition.’ The...

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16 Jun

The George Floyd Short Story Competition – A statement from the NWS Board

Some concerns have been raised following the announcement of the George Floyd Short Story Competition. “Why choose a man with a criminal record to front the competition?” “Why, in...

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