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05 Oct

Remember by Lauren Stevenson (NWS/Post competition winner, over-18 category)

‘It’s strange; this square is where we started. These slabs are where we stood.’ He turns around and takes a seat on the steps that surround the market square....

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17 Sep

Critiquing, Part 1: Why critique?

by Deborah Bailey Does anything engender a bigger love-hate relationship than hearing all the ways your glorious creation falls short of all that, well, glory that was there, really...

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19 Aug

RIP Pete Davis (22 March 1950 – 4 August 2014)

Cyclist, fireman, founder of the Storytellers of Nottingham, and a lover of Notts County and teddy bears by James Walker, originally published in LeftLion Local writer and storyteller Pete...

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20 Dec

The Woman Who Lost China – the first year!

by Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang Having a book published is at once a joyous and an agonising process. In some ways it is akin to giving birth! Books are a...

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09 Nov

The Writers’ Bookshelf

by Deborah Bailey Books on writing are their own type of dangerous seduction. Reading them feels so productive, it’s easy to convince yourself that you are, in fact, working....

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08 Feb

Recommended Books on Writing

David Bowman kindly posted a list of books about writing that he would recommend on the Ruby Tuesdays Fiction Group list, and I thought this would be of general interest...

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06 Feb

Paul Madeley Reviews the Mid-Sized Publishing Talk

On 2 February 2012 Victoria Oldham and Rebecca Buck gave a talk about the world of mid-sized publishing, based on their experience with Bold Stroke Books, and discussed some...

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12 Jan

Frances Thimann Reviews Jon McGregor’s Short-Stories Talk

At the 5 January 2012 social Jon McGregor gave a talk on short stories. Reviewed by Frances Thimann. In this very well-attended talk, Jon spoke as both writer and reader...

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09 Nov

Joy Armstrong Reviews the Writing for Radio Talk, 3 Nov 2011

Scene 1 NOTTINGHAM WRITERS STUDIO COMMON ROOM FX:  PEOPLE MURMERING, A COUGH, PAPERS RUSTLING, CHINKING GLASSES1. ROBIN:    And now I would like to introduce Catherine Adams from Nottingham Trent...

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18 Oct

Tony Challis Reviews the Poetry Press Talk

The social on 6 October 2011featured a talk from two UK poetry editors, who gave us an insight into the publishing process, how they choose the work they take...

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