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18 Sep

From Helping Fight Crime to Helping Write Crime

When I retired from the Police service in 2012, having served 30 years in London and the East Midlands, I wanted to continue helping people. As a large part...

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11 Sep

John Jarrold Masterclass write-up by Sarah Hindmarsh

Sunday 6th of September. It’s 3:30pm and a small crowd are gathered in the event space at the Nottingham Writers’ Studio eagerly awaiting a masterclass to commence. I call...

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19 May

From New York to ‘Never’ – post by Ronne Randall

I joined Nottingham Writers’ Studio with a bit of trepidation. Despite the fact that my entire career (all 47 years of it! Can I really be that old??) has been...

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21 Apr

Are you an entrepreneur? Joanna Penn Workshop report

Joanna Penn challenged participants in her recent workshop, How to Make a Living from your writing, to be both entrepreneurial and ambitious. In the light of recent reports of...

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18 Nov

Critiquing Skills 2: How to Critique – by Deborah Bailey

Critiquing is a skill.  That means that not only can it be learned, but also that, like any skill, there is a definite learning curve. Think of it like...

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05 Oct

Life of Brian by George Barratt (NWS/Post competition winner, 16-17 category)

Wouldn’t say I was the best observer in the business, but I was in the top one.  On occasions I’ve been called bigheaded.  Most people are – in the...

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05 Oct

Remember by Lauren Stevenson (NWS/Post competition winner, over-18 category)

‘It’s strange; this square is where we started. These slabs are where we stood.’ He turns around and takes a seat on the steps that surround the market square....

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17 Sep

Critiquing, Part 1: Why critique?

by Deborah Bailey Does anything engender a bigger love-hate relationship than hearing all the ways your glorious creation falls short of all that, well, glory that was there, really...

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19 Aug

RIP Pete Davis (22 March 1950 – 4 August 2014)

Cyclist, fireman, founder of the Storytellers of Nottingham, and a lover of Notts County and teddy bears by James Walker, originally published in LeftLion Local writer and storyteller Pete...

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20 Dec

The Woman Who Lost China – the first year!

by Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang Having a book published is at once a joyous and an agonising process. In some ways it is akin to giving birth! Books are a...

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