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29 Mar

‘The Ragged Weave of Yesterday’ by Andy Christopher Miller

‘The Ragged Weave of Yesterday’ is an exploration by writer, Andy Christopher Miller, into past diaries, why we write them and how they affect us. He is looking forward...

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24 Mar

Words for Wellbeing: A reflective blog on the workshop series by Alix Legond

From the 16th January (reportedly the gloomiest day of the year), we ran a short course, ‘Blue Monday: Words for Wellbeing’, with workshop leader Sam Gray. It ran for 6...

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17 Mar

Blogging from the Heart: A reflection on ‘Writing Your Way into the Media’ workshop by Anna Read

Anna Read was an attendee of our recent course, ‘Writing Your Way into the Media’ with Shreya Sen Handley. Shreya is a journalist and blogger who has written for...

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16 Dec

Learning the Art of Songwriting

By Jane Sherrat What kind of person signs up for a workshop on the Basics of Songwriting? This was a question I was nervously asking myself before the first...

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30 Nov

Outsider Heart: An Interview with Trevor Wright

Local poet, Trevor Wright, is a member of Nottingham Writers’ Studio. His debut poetry collection ‘Outsider Heart’ has just been published by Big White Shed. When did you start...

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06 Nov

Reflections on Self-publishing versus Independent Presses with Alan Williams

On the 8th October we hosted All Things Indie Day with Teika Bellamy. The aim of the day was to discuss and explore the options and issues arising in...

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15 Jul

From Inspiration to Launch: What Happened Before New York by Kristina Adams

Member Spotlight: Kristina Adams Growing up, I always knew I wanted to write books, but at the same time, I was afraid. Afraid of people judging my work, and by...

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18 Sep

From Helping Fight Crime to Helping Write Crime

When I retired from the Police service in 2012, having served 30 years in London and the East Midlands, I wanted to continue helping people. As a large part...

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11 Sep

John Jarrold Masterclass write-up by Sarah Hindmarsh

Sunday 6th of September. It’s 3:30pm and a small crowd are gathered in the event space at the Nottingham Writers’ Studio eagerly awaiting a masterclass to commence. I call...

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19 May

From New York to ‘Never’ – post by Ronne Randall

I joined Nottingham Writers’ Studio with a bit of trepidation. Despite the fact that my entire career (all 47 years of it! Can I really be that old??) has been...

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