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08 Jun

Words and Silence

About Sometimes our writing flows, sometimes it eludes us. Sometimes, the characters leave the room, but the self-critic lingers. Should we just wait for inspiration? This workshop offers ways...

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25 May

Rhyme & Rebellion

About Poetry is a profoundly political act because it involves speaking the truth, holding a mirror up to reality and putting things into perspective. This course will help writers...

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22 May

Writing Alternate History

About One of science fiction’s most fascinating subgenres, alternate history explores what might have been had history played out in a slightly different way and the ripple effects that...

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21 May

Performing Your Poems and Stories

About Performing our work to an audience, can be anxiety-inducing, even for the seasoned performers amongst us but what if there were ways to perform better, clearer, and bolder...

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16 May

Writing a Book Series

About Readers love book series. They can collect the books, get to know the characters and their world(s), join a fan base and more, but a common criticism of...

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14 May

How to Get Published Without an Agent

About Join Shreya Sen-Handley author of the award-winning memoir, Memoirs of My Body in a 2-hour session at the Nottingham Writers’ Studio where she will reveal how she built her writing...

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11 May

How to Write Kickass Sales Copy

About Many bestselling authors and poets started out as copywriters including Allen Ginsberg, Dorothy L. Sayers, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. These writers’ storytelling techniques were part of the success...

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04 May

How to Get Your Poetry Published

About As part of the Nottingham Poetry Festival, publisher Teika Bellamy will help writers demystify the process of poetry publishing and share insider information so that writers can create...

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02 May


Members of Nottingham Writers’ Studio are invited to our Annual General Meeting. The AGM is an opportunity for members to be informed about our: Achievements in the past year...

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05 Jun

Fantastical Beasts and How to Make Them

Dragons, flying bisons, heffalumps, hobbits, even the oompa-loompas, readers love them. Fantastical beasts are everywhere. Imaginary and mythological creatures are as much a part of fantasy literature as magic...

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