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25 Jun

Writing for Young Adults

About Following on from An introduction to writing for children and Developing middle grade fiction, the Nottingham Writers’ Studio and Paula Rawsthorne bring you Writing for Young Adults. In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll...

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22 Jun

Introduction to Novel Writing

About Join best-selling author, Jenny Kane as she introduces new writers and first-time novelists to the art of novel writing. This workshop will address the essential elements of novel...

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20 Jun

Writing Poetry in the Digital Age

About Harness the power of the digital world to create new and exciting poems at Writing poetry in the digital age with Sophie-Louise Hyde. This workshop will focus on a range...

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15 Jun

Tutored Urban Writing Retreat

About the event An urban writing retreat is a whole day devoted to writing. Six blissful hours to immerse yourself in creativity and write to your heart’s content. If...

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12 Jun

Building Worlds

About World building can seem like a daunting task. How do we develop new kingdoms, cultures or locations in our writing and where do we start? Join Gareth Baker...

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08 Jun

Words and Silence

About Sometimes our writing flows, sometimes it eludes us. Sometimes, the characters leave the room, but the self-critic lingers. Should we just wait for inspiration? This workshop offers ways...

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04 Jun

Finding Inspiration in Nature

About Brought to you by poet, creative writing tutor and founder of Wordsmith_HQ, Dr Sophie-Louise Hyde, this workshop will examine the different ways that nature can inspire us and our...

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30 May

Developing Middle Grade Fiction

About What defines middle-grade fiction? Join Ian Douglas on his workshop as he explores the key facets of middle-grade fiction including inspiration, reading age, style, content, themes and word...

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25 May

Rhyme & Rebellion

About Poetry is a profoundly political act because it involves speaking the truth, holding a mirror up to reality and putting things into perspective. This course will help writers...

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22 May

Writing Alternate History

About One of science fiction’s most fascinating subgenres, alternate history explores what might have been had history played out in a slightly different way and the ripple effects that...

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