‘Black Lives’ Anthology Finalists 2020

It’s been tough on the board to whittle down over 150 stories and decide who would make it into our anthology, but we’ve done it!

The Studio is proud to present 26 authors who have successfully qualified to be published in our ‘Black Lives’ collection. They will also go on to the final round to be judged by esteemed author Yvvette Edwards for a chance to place in the top three.

The prizes are as follows:
1st – £250
2nd – £125
3rd – £75

All other ‘long listed’ entries will receive £30 and a year’s free membership to the Studio (our top three will also receive membership as part of their prize).

Yvvette is already hard at work choosing our overall winners and we’re looking forward to making a final announcement in late November. In the meantime, here is our nominated long list (in no particular order):

Malcolm Aslett – All Over a Cup of Tea
Marvel Chukwudi Pephel – Cecilia
Sharon Stevens – Changing History
Mabel Aghadiuno – Lessons
Ruth Akinradewo – Brown Skin, White Walls
Tyrone Takawira – A Letter from the Grave
Shahed Yousaf – Mr Freddie Mercury
Flo Husson – The Model Ingenue
Ismail Karolia – All of the Devilish Things
Andre Clemons – The Last Will and Testament of a Black Boy
Jade Mutyora – Quibilah
Laura Blake – Dinner Conversation
Lola Labinjo – The Next Big Thing
Paul K Joyce – Behind the Eyes
Shikhandin RKB – Insane
Stephen Wade – Prince Kintu
Ebuka Prince Okoroafor – 66, 33, 99
Vishwas R. Gaitonde – The Worth of a Miracle
JB Polk – A Neighbourhood Called Exile
Elizabeth Eve King – How We Overcame
Diana Sautelle – Jakku Bindy
Patsy Collins – It’s All About the Light
Ian Inglis – Sithifricker
Shreya Sen-Handley – Black Lives!
Bethel Levien – Sometimes
Krystal Song – Dream of Red Passage

Once again, thank you to all our 2020 entrants and congratulations to our finalists!