Ian is the author of the Zeke Hailey series of SF novels for children. He also wrote the popular 'Children's History of Nottinghamshire' and visits schools with his History Road Show. Several of his short stories have been published. He pens reviews, articles and interviews for the press and magazines, including The Left Lion. Other credits include a radio play, a graphic story and an exhibition at the V&A's Toy Museum Ian has a MA in Creative Writing (Distinction) and now teaches writing, particularly for sci-fi and fantasy. He also critiques, edits and proofs, please email Ian for more information. Ian spent 12 years teaching English in East Asia. A passionate artist, he teaches art appreciation for the WEA.

Discover how to create your own fantastic beasts in this post by Ian C. Douglas.

Fantastical Beasts and How to Make Them

Dragons, flying bisons, heffalumps, hobbits, even the oompa-loompas, readers love them. Fantastical beasts are everywhere. Imaginary and mythological creatures are as much a part of fantasy literature as magic and enchanted lands. And science fiction is just the same: Daleks, xenomorphs, robots, Morlocks, kaiju, the list seems endless. People find them fascinating. Look at how…