Amy is a writer, editor, and former agency reader with a Master’s in Publishing and Creative Writing from Kingston University. Over the last decade, she’s been working with agents, publishers, authors, and readers to find and develop stories with an impact. In addition to providing editorial services to writers, she’s been involved in a variety of creative projects and publications, including the Stejjer Imfewħa artistic heritage initiative in Malta and the UK-based WriteMentor program.

When she’s not editing others’ work, she’s writing her own, having been shortlisted for both PRH’s Write Now Scheme and Gollancz’s Rivers of London Award. With a keen interest in the shapes of stories and novels, her primary focus is in developmental and structural editing, and she has a special interest in SF/F and Children’s fiction.

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Services Offered:

Manuscript Assessment:
A holistic, wide-angle overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your story or novel, including commentary on plot, characters, themes, and style, as well as where your work might sit in the market and next steps.

Developmental Editing:
A more detailed look at your plot, character, and story, still focused on the big-picture elements, but with specific, actionable comments on everything from your pacing to your dialogue.