Amanda trained at Chapterhouse, and has been working as a copyeditor for 10 years. In that time she has worked for Nottingham City Council and supported individual writers at Nottingham Writers Studio. Amanda has compiled and edited the Publishers in the East Midlands webpage at NWS, and has local contacts in publishing which support her work helping authors get into print.

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Services Offered:

Editorial Support:

General text assessment: advice on structure, plot coherence and
development of text content (eg. development of themes, building tension,
introducing characters).

Developmental editing – specific advice on grammar, fluency and structure.

Skill development – identifying how to develop your writing skills,
focussing on your personal goals.

Publishing Support:

Advice on which local publishers are most appropriate for your style/genre
and preparing your work for submission.


We requested copy editing and all suggestions, both large and small were great. As far as we are aware no further errors were found after the first print edition which shows the high standard that Ms Tatton works to.

Amanda was a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail and thoughtfulness are second-to-none and her proofreading skills are exceptional. She picked up on things both my editor and I had missed. I’m very grateful for her contribution to my book.

Amanda provided a professional editing service to assist with the final stages of my novel. She was extremely helpful, and suggested various improvements to help with my text. My novel has definitely improved with Amanda’s help!

I have used Amanda’s editorial services and I can recommend her wholeheartedly. She was very generous with her time, thorough and insightful.  A pleasure to work with.


General text assessment = £30 per hour
Developmental editing = £40 per hour
Skill development = £35 per hour
Advice on local publishers/preparing work for submission: £30 per hour