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03 Apr

7 Signs You Might be a Writer

1. The stationery aisle gets you excited

There’s nothing like the smell of a brand new notepad, or the feel of a new pen between your fingers.

Somehow you seem to leave them lying around all over the place so you can always justify purchasing a new one…to add to the pile of 15 new ones already in the drawer of your desk.

2. You always have a pen and paper in your bag/pocket

Because if you have a great idea and nothing to write it down with the world may just come crashing to a halt until you have found the back of a receipt, a scrap envelope, or a piece of spare skin to jot it down before you forget it.

In fact, you probably have a whole stack of bits and pieces of scrap paper with odd lines of dialogue and random ideas written on them somewhere in the depths of your pockets. Now if only you could find the right one!

3. You spend more time typing in Word on your computer than you do on Facebook!

Or at least as much time.

For Word also substitute Ywriter, Scrivener, a notepad, or whatever other tool you like to use.

4. You have a really hard time explaining to people why you are actually too busy to go somewhere or do something when you are sitting on your sofa

Nobody except another writer really understands how “playing” on your laptop means you really are busy.

Writing is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Interrupt a writer in the middle of an important sentence at your peril.

Even when you seem to be just surfing the internet it’s all part of the creative process.

You never know when you will hit on that next brilliant idea or what will be the inspiration for it.

Plus updating your blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram account, Pinterest board, and Goodreads reading list is all an essential part of marketing your work.

5. Some of your friends don’t actually exist, but you aren’t crazy—honest!

We all get fond of our characters, and it’s totally normal to find yourself in a strange or difficult real-life situation and wondering what your current main character would do.

There is a reason a lot of authors write whole series’ of books about the same characters—we get attached. And that’s okay. If you didn’t care about your characters then nobody else would either.

6. Having to waste time sleeping is a major frustration

This is especially true if you are on a roll with a great idea and just want to write all night.

Sadly unless you are one of a lucky handful of people you probably don’t make enough money to pay all your bills on your writing income and writing all night then going to your day job is never a good idea.

7. You have enough books to stock a small library (or a large one!)

You had to get your love of writing somewhere, and that was probably from reading amazing stories written by other writers.

If you aren’t writing you’re reading, so naturally the books stack up!

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